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As a Home Health Care agency, we take great pride in our brand of reliable, responsive, personalized service. We believe that a strong desire to serve is what propels the quality of our service and part of our mission is to ensure that all our employees are instilled with this service ethic.

We like to provide you with unique and personalized services. Our staff will discuss with you your needs and how we may be of service to you. We like to establish a good working relationship with the consumer and keep them informed as to our progress in obtaining the best respite worker for the position to be filled.

Ancestral Home Health Care Providers, Inc. provides the following services:

+ Skilled Nursing

-Registered Nurse (RN)
-Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
-Diabetic teaching & comprehensive diabetic care
-Blood work
-Family/Patient health teaching & counseling
-IV Chemotherapy
-IV fluids & antibiotics therapy
-Hydration Theraphy
-Parental Nutrition
-PICC Care
-Restorative Care
-Supervision of medications; actions and side effects.
-Wound Care and dressing change
-Ostomy Care

+ Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) / Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)

Assist customers with Activities of Daily Living, Personal Care, Meal
Preparation and Ambulation under professional supervision.

+ Hospice Care

Skilled & Non-Skilled.

+ Physical Therapy

Therapeutic excercise related to a specific loss of function.

+ Occupational Therapy

Assist in developing activities and facilitate maximum self care and return to normal function.

+ Speech Therapy

Assist patients in regaining speech which may have been impaired following illness or accident.

+ Respite Care

Specializing in respite care for adults and children with disabilities.

+ Social Services

Deals with social and emotional factors related to illness. Community service referral.